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12% of employees consist of industrial engineers, telecommunications engineers and industrial technical engineers supported by a specialized team of planners and designers, and highly qualified technical staff.  The ensemble of human resources, experience, knowledge and financial capability fused together in a committed corporate organization makes it possible to provide services with high responsiveness, agility, quality and solvency for the smooth completion of complexes and installations in: Customers leading their sectors trust our work to perform both the preventive and corrective maintenance of their installations, besides solving any type of incidences that take place in their commercial, industrial and institutional premises. 
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Low voltage electricity

Medium and high voltage electricity

Telecommunications Paging and intercom

Special Facilities

Control systems installations and buildings

Photovoltaic generation

Normative maintenance

Preventive maintenance.

Corrective maintenance

"One goal: joining forces to carry out major projects in engineering, installation and maintenance"

Together with our partner:  Arce Clima

Air Conditioning and HVAC

Renewable energies

Commercial and industrial Refrigeration

Industrial ventilation


Swimming Pool heating

Centralized control systems

Direction and execution of projects

Assembly of installations and on-site technical assistance